Inner City

Some of the Districts of the inner city of Kaddish:

The Granary – Perhaps the most heavily fortified area of the city. It is surrounded by a true moat and wall with armed guards stationed on both sides of it with halberds and bows. Most of the actual storage is underground, dug into the soft soil. The surface buildings are actually a large stock market run by collegia and merchant families that sets the value of Kaddish scrip, trades in rare commodities like gold and silver. The collegia and the merchant families pay for the guards, and many live within the boundaries of the district. The granary is a frequent target of riots, and mercenary gangs roam the area deal roughly with outsiders. Almost anything in Kaddish worth stealing passes through here at one time or another.

Spire of the Screaming God – A traditional Kaddish deity who has experienced a popular revival, the Screaming God offers the typical package of blessings for its righteous followers and torment to their foes. His cult is focused around the Spire, a large metal spike in a pit of unknown depth. The priests of the Screaming God were one of the instigators of the revolution, and to this day, they punish traitors to the Orthocracy (an intentionally loosely defined category) by casting them into the pit. The pit itself has no railings or other barriers to keep someone from falling in, and a well-known traitor may often by joined by others in the press of the crowd. It is also a popular place to dispose of bodies. The spire forms the centre of the greatest concentration of temples in the city.

The Forgetower – Here is the windowless basalt tower of the soulforgers, chased with bronze. Here is the real wealth of Kaddish, its learning. Surrounding the Forgetower are schools teaching anything and everything that is known in the Dawnlands: Swordplay, astrology, torture, music, rhetoric, magic, strategy, engineering, sexual techniques, cooking, assassination, economics and whatever else a roving master might advertise. Student from the more militarily-minded schools roam the district, and philosophical disputes are settled as often with a club to the face as a sharp tongue. Because no powerful orthocrats live here except the Masters of the Forge, who do not care what happens outside their tower, the Forgetower district is one of the most lawless and wild places in the city. Many budding orthocrats received their first taste of power as the leader of a student gang in this district.

Capitol – The former king’s palace, now ruined, is a mass of ramshackle housing constructed from the remnants of that palace. The people of the Capitol district are poor, hungry, and malcontent. Elves, halflings and the Burnt cluster here. Capitol sees almost as many riots as the granary does, and supplies the rioters for both. It is split between rival gangs.

The DM is encouraged to fill in other districts of the Old City as they need.

Inner City

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